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XMPr0ndisk Outro by flag Zalza (Alexander Bulér)
Requested By: flagArne

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Masters of Pixel Art 2

The second book in the Masters of Pixel Art series is here!

The Masters of Pixel Art series is a dedication to all pixel art, presenting a selection of the very best artworks in an exclusive production.

Volume 2 is an extremely nice collection of Commodore 64 art (mainly), together with images made on other "exotic low-end" machines like the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari XL-XE, Commodore Plus/4 and MSX.

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This site is strictly non-profit!

All music played on this radio station is either in the public domain, freely available on the internet (as MP3, or other original music format) or is streamed on a 'fair use' basis. This does not mean that all the tunes played don't have copyrights on them. In fact, if not stated otherwise, the copyrights on songs belong to their respective authors!

If you find a song that isn't in the public domain, or you wrote a piece of music that you would like removed from the site, please contact one of our team members who will be happy to help.

Enjoy the music!


As of late i'm unemployed and decided to move away from admin stuff to doing coding. But since you need to upkeep yourself, i kindly ask for donations (reccuring donations would be even more awesome if you could spare 1 €/$ or 2 a month!). With enough people supporting me i might get to a point where i could spare much more time for nectarine and start developing cool new features for the page itself.

Thank you all in advance!

Remember to post your nick in the comment.

My heroes: Starchaser, SJD, J. Br., speedis, G. Sk.

The team


Compo staff:

Terrasque - code & ponies
Starchaser - css & templates
maep - streaming engine

Hall of fame:
raina - templates & css
FishGuy876 - code
BombmanDK - code

Need to contact an admin?

Please send email to:
arab at scenemusic dot net


The server that nectarine is running on is kindly sponsored by:

Zaproszenia ślubne

Nectarine Demoscene Radio

Aetrin's Favourite Songs

flagAetrin Has The Following Favourite Songs:
Song Title Artist Song Length Status Vote Queue Last Request
ITDance For The Sun flag Boor (Maarten van Strien) 3:59 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2016-07-19
ITDance of the Goblins flag Crystal Score (Maarten van Strien) 5:09 Active 4.3 l Locked 2016-09-27
Dans i Häggvik flag Mongolojden [STE] 3:36 Banned 1.7 l Locked 2012-01-16
MODDecibel Overload flag El Loco (Harald Venes) , flag Sundance Kid (Jørn Hoff) 3:49 Active 4.1 Log in to queue 2016-05-06
XMDeep in your eyes flag Mr. Stewe (Stepan Voles) 4:23 Active 2.6 Log in to queue 2015-07-21
XMDens Ma Sens flag AceMan (Jakub Szeląg) 4:56 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2016-08-08
OtherDer Alkohol flag Jakob Bienenhalm 2:50 Active 3.0 Log in to queue 2016-07-28
OtherDer Danko flag Der Danko (Tomas Danko) 3:05 Active 3.2 l Locked 2016-09-08
OtherDes chiffres et de lettres flag Maf (Benoît Charcosset) 2:33 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2016-08-26
SID Disco flag Kribust (Kristian Myklebust) GroupOffence , GroupProsonix 1:11 Active 4.4 Log in to queue 2016-08-20
Disco Pcolo Explicit content flag Maxsoft (Marcin Michalski) 3:03 Active 1.9 Log in to queue 2016-06-10
MODDobranocki flag Cat 2:02 Active 3.5 l Locked 2016-09-07
Otherdoop remix flag rams (Ramon Ott) 2:31 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2016-07-31
OtherDub Jingle 1.8 (Revision 2013 Compo Jingle) flag jco (Jan C. Obergfell) , flag Puryx (Christian Rønde) 1:21 Active 4.1 l Locked 2016-09-17
AY/YMDucktales flag MadMax (Maksim Ponomaryov) 0:49 Active 3.8 Log in to queue 2016-05-20
NESDunk! Nes Edit flag Chibi-Tech (Jaelyn Nisperos) 3:00 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2016-08-17
S3MEi Sätkiä Sälleille flag Chanel5 (Eero Lempinen) , flag Cyrbas GroupJeskola! Productions 4:27 Active 2.4 l Locked 2016-09-01
XMEin Communist Svin flag Chanel5 (Eero Lempinen) 3:05 Active 1.6 l Locked 2016-09-01
XMElvis Egen Indian flag Ante Lindgren , flag Lizardking (Gustaf Grefberg) 2:38 Active 2.4 l Locked 2016-08-27
ITEternam & Musica flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 4:52 Active 2.8 l Locked 2016-09-11
MODFables About Cars 2 flag Dreamer (Andrzej Dragan) 2:24 Active 2.5 Log in to queue 2015-02-10
MODFantasy Land flag Mr Young (Baptiste Boilet) 2:11 Active 3.3 Log in to queue 2015-05-03
XMFool for a Day flag Crux (Miska Natunen) 3:03 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2016-03-12
PC-customfr-025: the.popular.demo (single edit) Have video flag Wayfinder (Sebastian Grillmaier) GroupFarbrausch 3:40 Active 4.6 l Locked 2016-09-21
OtherFrieden fuer die Welt flag Chaotic (Jan Winters) GroupBaSShuT 2:39 Active 2.7 Log in to queue 2016-07-24
MODFuck Your Horse Explicit content Have video flag Ramon (Ramon Braumuller) GroupDigital Force 3:50 Active 2.5 l Locked 2016-09-13
Otherfuck your horse even worse Explicit content flag rams (Ramon Ott) GroupNectarine 4:28 Active 2.7 l Locked 2016-09-21
Gameboyfuck!t flag Ultrasyd (Sydney) 4:00 Active 4.2 Log in to queue 2016-09-11
XMFumble Your Radio flag Scorpik (Adam Skorupa) 2:08 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2016-08-04
XMFungus-Farm (Happy Summer Reggae) flag lemonade (Pasi Sakala) 1:42 Active 3.4 l Locked 2016-09-25
MODGhostbusters flag Maxsoft (Marcin Michalski) 2:22 Active 3.0 Log in to queue 2016-06-17
Gimme Gimme flag Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) 1:06 Active 3.2 Log in to queue 2016-08-06
OtherGround (The Fika Mix) flag Mahoney (Pex Tufvesson) 3:15 Active 3.1 Log in to queue 2016-06-17
XMGummibears flag Radix (Jakob Svanholm) 1:51 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2016-08-27
OtherHappy Ravers flag Buzzer (Mikko Hyyti) GroupBrainstorm , GroupNectarine 3:25 Active 4.1 l Locked 2016-09-26
Hardcore Power (We Believe In Goa - Remix) flag Dafunk (Dejan Subotin) 6:57 Active 4.3 l Locked 2016-09-18
AMIGA-customHe-Man flag Lukelove 4:32 Active 2.9 l Locked 2016-09-14
SID He-Man Have video flag Ben Daglish 1:04 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2016-08-18
OtherHe-Man [For.The.Love.Of.Lukelove.Remix] flag Spiral (Mats Antonsson) 1:47 Active 3.6 Log in to queue 2016-08-25
OtherHeavy Working Robot flag Paniq (Leonard Ritter) 4:10 Active 4.0 Log in to queue 2016-08-08
OtherHernando's Hideaway (Lesson IV) flag KEiTO (Paul Chadwick) 4:54 Active 3.4 Log in to queue 2016-06-29
XMHissilisko flag lemonade (Pasi Sakala) 3:05 Active 4.1 l Locked 2016-09-19
MODHouse Mess flag Jazzcat (Piotr Pacyna) 1:27 Active 3.5 Log in to queue 2015-03-10
S3MHullu flag Purple Motion (Jonne Valtonen) 0:46 Active 2.9 Log in to queue 2016-08-24
S3MHuudan (Et sä kuule) flag Chanel5 (Eero Lempinen) 4:30 Active 2.5 l Locked 2016-09-11
I Can't Go Wee Wee Explicit content flag Makke (Marcus Nilsson) 1:45 Active 3.2 Log in to queue 2016-08-04
I Like to Move it Move User Gojita , User Parmesan 3:19 Banned 1.9 l Locked 2015-09-07
ITI Want to Bake a Cake flag jco (Jan C. Obergfell) 2:40 Active 2.3 l Locked 2016-08-20
I Would Like a Fika flag Boz (Alistair Bowness) , flag Dafunk (Dejan Subotin) , flag Dr. Fikalover 5:24 Active 3.5 l Locked 2016-09-23
I Would Like a Fika (Swedish Holy Ground) flag Dr. Fikalover 4:42 Active 2.8 l Locked 2016-08-31
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